medical billing
• HIPAA compliant HCFA 1500, Medical Billing Software
• All Physician Specialties plus: Anesthesiology, Psychology, Podiatry, Physical Therapy
• True Windows based, 32 bit Application
• HELP Videos on every screen
• Single or Multi User, easily scalable
• Easy to Use and Very Stable
• Appointment System included
• Two Enhanced Schedulers Available
• Electronic Filing or Paper Claims
• Auto ReBill 30/60/90 Claims
• Electronic Remittance Advice
• Auto Post pay to Patients Ledgers
• Auto Reassign to Secondaries
• Electronic Medical Records (LITE)
• Print Prescriptions/attach to Patient
• Track phone Messages
• Soap Notes/Transcriptions using Templates attached to Patient file
• Intra Office Email
• Intra Office Messages
• Patient Statement Messages
• Industrial/Occupational Medicine
• Company Billing Module
• Managed Care Module
• Fee Schedules
• Promise To Pay Module
• Quick Payment Posting Modules
• Collections Work Module
• CPT Tracking Module
• Co Precent Billing
• Custom Information Screen
• Recalls
• Waiting Room Wizard
• Deleted Ledger Record Report
• Auto Post Reoccurring Charges
• 1000's of Reports Available!

Debbie Khan, Practice Manager
Pickard, Gossett & Sawisky, LLP
409 982 6461
Fax 409 989 5496

First let me give you a little background info about myself. I have 30 years experience in Medical Office Management, collections and I have performed numerous medical office audits and consultations regarding general medical office management, computer software, billing systems and Medicare/Commercial reimbursement. I have had the opportunity to work with Aubrey for several years and have first hand knowledge of her skills and how she handles her responsibilities.

About 4 years ago I was hired as a consultant for a multi-provider office - they wanted a billing software system that would permit electronic billing without them paying for someone to process the claims (they were paying about $1,000.00 a month just for claims to be filed), they also wanted easy reporting function, user friendly with some electronic medical record functionallity. They has 5 systems in mind - the cost was from $250,000. to the least expensive about 7,000.00

To me as a former collector I feel it is necessary to have a system that balances daily, gives a reliable audit trail, can generate reports that I can balance with and utilize for practice analysis. I must be able to file claims both electronically and on paper, get statements out in a timely manner and stay up to date with current technology. Which means I can post via a electronic transfer from the insurance company to my claims vendor (I use THIN).

Quick-Md has all the capabilities I have listed above and even more. I was so impressed with the software that I recommended it to the practice. I have subsequently recommended it to several other practices as well. All of the practices that have purchased this softwarehave had good results and are pleased. To further offer my recommendation, I was hired to set up and manage a 3 physician practice with a full lab - I requested we purchase Quick - Md - we did and we have not been sorry. I have been using the software myself Since December 2002 and I love it. When my doctors want to know what their reimbursement is for a specific code or insurance I have the info, on a daily basis I know if a insurance isn't paying fast enough or did not pay the correct amount. I utilize THIN as my clearing house at no charge, the reports I download are very easy to read and understand, I rarely get a rejection and my collection ration is over 90% of the allowable. I can set up payment arrangements, keep track of NSF checks and easily manage our A/R. I get great, reliable support for a small amount of money. Updates always have useful information and I find the company stays up to date with HIPPA and other compliance issues. I do not have to pay extra for the update.

Aubrey has worked as my collector - she is very responsible when it comes to monitoring the accounts. We ran weekly AR management reports to eliminate suprises and keep on top of the AR. I have every confidence that she will make sure you get paid in a timely manner. Utilizing Quick-md will give her the best possible tool to may sure your accounts are handled correctly the first time. You also have the benefit of decreasing the usual learning curve by purchasing a software she is comfortable with and has confidence in.

Finally, I am aware there are many different types of billing software on the market. In my time as a consultant I have seen problems with Medisoft, Claims Manager, CMeds (which is now Entergy). I hope you think twice before you utilize any of them, they have been known to either have problems with the software, support or processing the claims can be expensive.




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